The French Parrot handbags and accessories are handmade in France and Italy using the most luxurious materials. Crafted from fine calf and bovine leather, we choose natural high quality hides and develop them with care. Each leather skin is unique, therefore color differences or slight irregularities may be seen in our products. They are typical features of real leathers and add authenticity and charm to our luxury designs.


Although our designs are durable and made of luxury materials, extra care should be taken to keep your product in perfect condition. To preserve your handbags and accessories, here are some maintenance recommendations:

- Avoid rubbing your product against abrasive surfaces

- Protect it from moisture

- Avoid contact with materials that can transfer colour pigments to leather

- Avoid rubbing with dark-colored clothing as much as possible to reduce the risk of color bleeding on to your bag

- Avoid contact with products such as liquid, hand creams, water, make-up, perfume …

- Keep your product away from direct heat sources and avoid exposure to sunlight

- Wipe regularly with a soft, dry cloth

- Do not overload your bag

- We strongly recommend you to waterproof your bag: once shortly after the purchase, then approximately every six months. It is also important to use a quality waterproofing spray, suitable for both leather (grained and smooth) and suede or nubuck

- Accidental scratches may be reduced by gently rubbing the leather

When you are not using your product, we advise you to store the item in the bag provided at the time of purchase and keep it away from high temperatures, humidity, extreme (sun)light, grease, mud, dirt, rough surfaces and rain. All maintenance including cleaning must be done under the responsibility of a professional.


The French Parrot uses gold tone plated hardware. To preserve these pieces, here are some maintenance recommendations:

- Avoid rough contact with other surfaces

- Avoid all contacts with liquids and especially creams or hand lotions

Please note that The French Parrot cannot accept any complaints due to loss of colour of our gold plated hardware.