The French Parrot creates its collections inspired by its travels and offers pieces full of femininity. The brand proposes a contemporary approach to leather goods while creating unique accessories with environmental sustainability and ethical values. The French Parrot values French and Italian craftsmanship: each design, with architectural and clean lines, is unique and developed in limited series.


“And then one morning it flew away. I grab my bag and go.

I then embarked on a journey to find him. What is my destination? I let myself be carried away by my quest. Bird of the sun, guardian angel according to some, I am guided by the rhythm of its colored wings. His search leads me on wonderful adventures. The landscapes as well as the encounters are extraordinary. I do not perceive it but I remain fascinated by this certain mystery. Would you like to fly with me? “

Like an explorer in search of her traveling companion, The French Parrot takes you on a radiant journey. Multicolored, The French Parrot inspires the imagination and offers you a promising adventure. Grab your bag and let yourself be swept away.

For the Autumn-Winter 2022/23 collection, The French Parrot takes off to a region with natural charm: explore with us in the English countryside. In a picturesque setting between rural escapes with its patchwork hills and dramatic dales, ancient woodlands and winding country roads, you will discover a contemporary collection imbued with creative vitality. Inspired by the new natural architectural perspective and the elegant rural colours, the brand combines its singular lines with a seductive architectural influence: a new way of approaching sophistication.



In keeping with its social and environmental values, The French Parrot promotes various European know-how: leather goods are produced in limited editions in the heart of Italy and France. Far from industrial production chains, our team establishes solid personal relationships with its artisans.


The French Parrot works with leather craftsmen who utilize Italian and French leathers. These come from reputable tanneries recognized for both their expertise in tanning and leather finishing, and their ecological commitment and traceability. The brand attaches great importance to the sourcing of its materials in order to guarantee high quality durable leather.

The meticulously crafted collection is made up of unique products with particular attention paid to finishes. The brand's ethos is to develop in a sustainable manner with respect for the environment. The French Parrot continually seeks to use renewable materials and offers ranges of products made from luxurious Italian leathers, vegetable tanned leathers and / or non-animal material.


From the supply of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, all stages are mastered by The French Parrot: local sourcing, reliable French, Italian and British partners, for 100% European manufacturing based on the best know-how. By engaging in respectful and limited production, the brand’s models meet European requirements and regulations: The French Parrot is always committed to offering sustainable slow fashion.


Eloïse Parent launched The French Parrot in 2018 with the desire to pursue the romantic idea of starting her own journey within the world of accessories: a visionary space where imagination meets the creative savoir-faire of the French and Italian craftsmanship. By combining passion for tradition, sharing and respect , the founder’s intuitive approach towards design allows The French Parrot to continuously evolve.

Travel and explorative journeys throughout the world is what keeps The French Parrot inspired season after season. The line of bags and accessories is designed to be a versatile addition to any wardrobe, a meeting point between minimalism and femininity. Each design displays architectural-like clean lines, with each style being unique as the next.