Sustainability Statement


The French Parrot proudly works with European craftsmen from France Italy and the UK : the brand connect and build trusting relationships with it’s different partners. We know all of the artisans who make our bags and we visit regularly to ensure that our standards are being met and our partners are happy.


The artisans are carefully chosen not only for their quality products and production skills, but for their value for environmental and social ethics. They use only the finest tanned leathers from reputable tanneries and eco-friendly textiles which provide long lasting use and wear. All products are handmade in limited edition and the quality of the materials creates a beautiful finished product that is as ecstatically pleasing as it is durable.

Quality is never compromised with The French Parrot brand. We get satisfaction from knowing that our purses and accessories are created with the intention to deliver sustainable, high end designer fashion. The French Parrot prides itself on continually looking for new renewable materials, along with luxurious Italian and vegetable tanned leathers.


The French Parrot is always mindful when it comes to production and reducing carbon footprint wherever possible. Most of all of our leather and materials are sourced in Italy, United kingdom and France and they travel closely to our manufactures in the same countries. Our producers and manufacturers stick to EU regulations and follow the environmental guidelines.