About Us

Chase your dream with The French Parrot


And then one day, he flew away. Bag in hand, the quest began.

I embarked on a journey that took me across the earth. What’s my destination ? The echos of his wings is my guid. Sunlight bird, a gardian angel, the chase is a marvellous adventure. Timeless landscapes and encounters become irreplaceable.

I don’t see him, but I find myself fascinated by his endless mysteries.

Would you like to chase your dream with me ?

In the image of an explorer, searching for her companion, The French Parrot transports you on a beautiful journey. Abounding in color, The French Parrot embraces the imaginary and proposes adventure. It will carry you, bag in hand, into its odyssey.


Design et craftsmanship


Far from industrial production lines, The French Parrot brand combines the best of European craftsmanship.

The brand creates luxury leather bags and accessories in a range of vibrant colours and geometric shapes. The structured designs are the perfect balance of feminine and contemporary style to complement any wardrobe. Handmade in the heart of Italy, France and United Kingdom, The French Parrot is developing its collection with consideration to various ethical aspects.

The signature of the brand is highlighted by a particular attention to the finishes, the choice of leathers, materials and its exclusive designs.


Care and maintenance of The French Parrot’s design

We choose natural high quality hides and develop them with care. Slight irregularities are typical features of real leather.

To preserve your product, here are some maintenance recommendations:

  • Be careful not to rub your product against abrasive surfaces
  • Protect it from moisture
  • Avoid prolonged contact with materials that can transfer colour pigments to leather
  • Avoid contact with products such as liquid, hand creams, water, make-up, perfume …
  • Keep your product away from direct heat sources and avoid exposure to sunlight


When you are not using your product, we advise you to store the item in the bag provided at the time of purchase and keep it away from high temperatures, humidity …

All maintenance including cleaning must be done under the responsibility of a professional.